TransAir PFT System

 The TransAir combines clinical testing techniques together with superb engineering and innovative software in a way never seen before! Clinical excellence and proven reliability at a very affordable price!


• Low per-patient testing cost
• Small footprint and easy portability
• Single gas cylinder and low gas consumption for all tests
• Superb durability and reliability
• Simple user performed maintenance
• Single patient connection for all tests

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Principle of Operation

The TransAir has been thoughtfully engineered to make the most of strength, serviceability and size. It is particularly well suited to small office locations or applications requiring frequent transport.

The TransAir does not require frequent service or routine component replacement. It is designed for long service with minimal maintenance cost!

The single valve assembly is mounted on a multi-positional support arm that moves easily to any required height.

The Valve To Beat All Valves

The TransAir valve assembly is the very model of design excellence. It is ergonomic, efficient and extremely easy to disassemble for cleaning.

Pneumatic operation ensures faultless performance over years of testing. The entire assembly can be disassembled in less than a minute for cold sterilization. However, in recent epidemiological studies using viral filters, it was proven that these valves required no attention at all even after thousands of operations.

The TransAir valve is maintenance free!

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Results in Half the Time

A complete series of pulmonary function tests including Flow Volume Loops, Slow Vital Capacity, Lung Volumes and Single Breath Diffusion can be completed in 15 to 18 minutes. The Total Lung Capacity is measured at the same time as Single Breath Diffusion thus saving all the time usually required for multi-breath dilutional methods.

Nitrogen recovery is a gas dilution technique for measuring lung volumes. Since N2 is resident in the lung at all times, it has an infinite time to reach whatever communicating airways are accessible. During the performance of DLCO, the subject exhales to residual volume (all the way empty) and then breathes-in diffusion gas until completely full (TLC). The new N2 from the DLCO mixture rapidly mixes with the N2 that was in the residual volume causing a dilution and thus TLC can be measured. The technique has to assume the partial pressure of CO2 in the alveolar at the start of the test. For this reason, having a separate measure of PACO2 (alveolar CO2) from an end-tidal CO2 monitor can greatly improve accuracy on patients with chronic COPD.

Setting up the instrument ready for the next patient simply requires changing the filter.

Moisture and carbon dioxide reagents can be replenished by the user when necessary, rather than the expensive practice of being required to use proprietary pre-packaged containers.

Simplicity Of Use

The TransAir is perhaps the most complete, yet simple to operate, pulmonary system on the market today.

Typically, technicians are able to complete full testing with as little as 1 hour of instruction. A beautifully illustrated HTML Help manual is embedded in the ComPAS software with background on the physiology and scientific techniques employed in pulmonary function testing. All tests are detailed with pictorial guides and routine maintenance and service help is also included.

The TransAir is very popular with users. Not only is it small and user-friendly, it is a reliable trouble-free partner in patient testing.

ComPAS software is an advanced suite of Windows® programs that assures quality of test results. It is the culmination of over 100 years combined experience in clinical pulmonary function testing. When you use ComPAS, it is as if you have a wise and experienced colleague sitting by your side.

When utilized with the TransAir, ComPAS provides straightforward ease of use while disguising powerful capability. Each step of operation, from calibration through patient entry, PFT testing and reporting is guided and checked for validity. Using ComPAS software and the TransAir will guarantee cost-effective excellence in pulmonary function testing for many years to come!

TransAir units delivered in the United States are complete with the following:
TransAir Instrument 50 x Viral Filters
Environmental Monitor 2 x Reusable mouthpieces
3-Liter Calibration Syringe 3 x Noseclips
ComPAS Software 2 x Spare Patient Bags
1 Year ComPAS User License

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